CCD Industry Camera Machine Vision Sensors 1.3M CMOS Imaging Sensor Global Shutter

Place of Origin China
Brand Name CLX
Certification CE, FCC, ROHS
Model Number iRAYPLE

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Product Details
Model A3138MG000E Image Sensor 1/2.7"CMOS
Resolution 1280 × 1024 Pixel 1.3 M
Operating Temperature 0 To 50 Degrees Celsius Depth Of Field 5 Mm To 200 Mm
Frame Rate 92 Fps Power Supply 12 VDC
High Light

Machine Vision Sensors 1.3M


CCD Industry Camera Machine Vision Sensors


Global Shutter Machine Vision Sensors

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Product Description

Machine Vision Sensor 1.3M Pixels 1/2.7"CMOS Imaging Sensor Global Shutter Black CCD Industry Camera Model# A3138MG000E

Product Description:

The Machine Vision Sensors product is an advanced imaging solution designed to cater to the diverse needs of modern industrial automation and inspection systems. Intricately designed to integrate the cutting-edge CCD camera technology with the intelligence of AI vision sensors, these sensors offer a robust platform for a wide range of applications that require precise positioning and detailed visualization.

At the heart of the Machine Vision Sensors is a powerful CCD camera, which is renowned for its exceptional image quality and high-resolution capabilities. The CCD technology ensures that each image captured is crisp and clear, providing users with reliable data for inspection, measurement, and quality control tasks. This is particularly vital in industries where accuracy and precision are paramount, such as in electronics manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and automotive assembly.

Complementing the high-quality imaging capabilities is the integration of AI vision sensors. These sensors employ sophisticated algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyze and interpret the visual data captured by the CCD camera. As a result, the Machine Vision Sensors can perform complex tasks such as pattern recognition, defect detection, and barcode reading with remarkable speed and accuracy. The AI-driven approach not only enhances the sensor's performance but also simplifies setup and operation, making it accessible to users even without specialized training in machine vision technology.

Positioning is another critical aspect where the Machine Vision Sensors excel. The precise and reliable imaging data provided by the sensors enable accurate and repeatable positioning tasks. Whether it's aligning components on an assembly line or guiding robotic arms for material handling, these sensors ensure that every movement is carried out with pinpoint accuracy, thus optimizing the efficiency of the entire production process.

From a practical standpoint, the Machine Vision Sensors are engineered to fit seamlessly into industrial environments. The compact dimensions of W 50 mm x H 50 mm x D 50 mm ensure that the sensors can be easily integrated into tight spaces within machinery or on production lines without causing any disruption. Despite its small footprint, the sensor does not compromise on performance, making it an ideal choice for space-constrained applications.

With a modest weight of approximately 200 g, the Machine Vision Sensors are light enough to be mounted on moving parts or robotic arms without affecting their operation. This lightweight design coupled with the robust build quality makes the sensors suitable for dynamic industrial settings where equipment needs to be both durable and agile.

Connectivity is also a highlight of these sensors, as they come equipped with a Gigabit Ethernet interface. This high-speed connection ensures that data transfer from the sensors to the control systems or computers is swift and uninterrupted, which is critical for real-time applications where delays can impact productivity and efficiency.

Understanding the demanding nature of industrial environments, the Machine Vision Sensors are built to operate reliably within a temperature range of 0 to 50 degrees Celsius. This level of thermal resilience ensures that the sensors maintain their performance even in challenging conditions, preventing downtime and ensuring continuous operation.

Ensuring a hassle-free integration, the sensors require a standard power supply of 24 VDC, which is commonly available in industrial settings. This feature allows for easy deployment and compatibility with existing power systems, minimizing the need for additional equipment or complex wiring.

In summary, the Machine Vision Sensors are a testament to the fusion of high-quality imaging, AI-enhanced vision capabilities, and practical design. The product's attributes, including the advanced CCD camera, AI vision sensors, precise positioning capabilities, compact dimensions, lightweight profile, high-speed interface, wide operating temperature range, and standard power requirements, make it an invaluable tool in the modern industrial landscape. It is the perfect choice for businesses looking to harness the power of machine vision technology to improve their operations and ensure quality outcomes.



  • Product Name: Machine Vision Sensors
  • Interface: Gigabit Ethernet
  • Operating Temperature: 0 To 50 Degrees Celsius
  • Power Supply: 24 VDC
  • Depth Of Field: 5 Mm To 200 Mm
  • Dimensions: W 50 Mm X H 50 Mm X D 50 Mm
  • AI Vision Sensors: Enabled with advanced AI capabilities for smart decision making
  • Computer Vision Sensor: Equipped with state-of-the-art computer vision technology
  • IPC Compatibility: Designed to integrate seamlessly with industrial PC systems

Technical Parameters:

Sensor SS
Image Sensor 1/2.7"CMOS
Shutter Global
Resolution 1280 × 1024
Frame Rate 92 fps
Bit Depth 10
Mono/Color Mono
Pixel Size 4.0 μm × 4.0 μm
Pixel 1.3 MP
S/N Ratio 38 dB
WDR 60 dB
Image Format Mono8/10/10Packed
Binning Support
ROI Support
X Flip Support
Y Flip Support
Gain 1~32
Gamma From 0 to 4, support LUT
Exposure Time 16 μs~1 s
Trigger Mode Software Trigger/Hardware Trigger/Free Run Mode
SPC Support
User Setting Support two sets of user-defined configurations
Image Buffer 256MB
Port GigE, PoE
GPIO Interface 1× 6 pin Hirose: 1× Opto-isolated input, 1× Opto-isolated output, 1 configurable input and output
Lens Mount C-mount
Power Supply PoE/ DC 9V~24V power supply via Hirose interface
Power Consumption 12 V≈3.0 W
Product Dimensions 29 mm × 29 mm × 42 mm (not including lens mount and rear case connector)
Net Weight 88 g
Storage Temperature - 30℃~+80℃
Operating Temperature 0℃~+50℃


The CLX Machine Vision Sensors, originating from China, represent a significant leap in industrial imaging and automation. These sensors, equipped with a high-resolution CCD camera, can span a field of view ranging from 5 mm to 200 mm, making them versatile for various applications. The robust design is complemented by a lightweight profile, with each sensor weighing approximately 200 g, thus ensuring easy integration into existing systems without the need for substantial support structures.

With a power supply requirement of just 24 VDC, CLX Machine Vision Sensors are energy-efficient and offer an impressive frame rate of up to 9,000 frames per second. This rapid capture rate is crucial for high-speed production lines, ensuring that even the fastest moving objects are imaged with precision. The high resolution of 2,048 pixels allows for the capture of minute details, which is paramount in quality control processes where every micrometer could be critical.

Application occasions for CLX Machine Vision Sensors are broad and can range from simple positioning tasks to complex AI vision sensors applications. In the automotive industry, for example, these sensors are used for aligning parts before assembly, ensuring that each component is perfectly positioned, which is pivotal for maintaining the high standards of safety and quality. In electronics manufacturing, the sensors can be utilized for inspecting circuit boards, detecting defects that are invisible to the human eye.

Furthermore, in packaging and bottling plants, CLX sensors play a crucial role in verifying labels, seals, and cap placements. This application ensures that products meet quality standards and are presentable for consumer use. The food and beverage industry also benefits from these vision sensors, as they can be used to sort products based on color, size, and shape, thus streamlining the production process and reducing waste.

In the pharmaceutical sector, high-speed and high-resolution imaging is essential for ensuring the integrity of products. CLX Machine Vision Sensors are instrumental in inspecting pill shapes, checking for correct fill levels in syringes, and verifying batch codes on packaging. The AI vision sensors capabilities of these products can be harnessed to learn and improve over time, offering an intelligent solution to pharmaceutical quality control.

Lastly, in the realm of robotics, the CLX Machine Vision Sensors can be integrated to enhance the capabilities of robotic systems. By providing real-time imaging data, these sensors facilitate complex tasks such as object recognition, sorting, and autonomous navigation, enabling robots to operate more efficiently and with greater autonomy.

In summary, CLX Machine Vision Sensors are not only powerful in terms of their technical specifications but also incredibly flexible in their application across industries. Their ability to function reliably in high-speed environments and provide detailed imaging makes them an invaluable tool for any operation looking to incorporate advanced vision technology into their processes.



Brand Name: CLX

Place of Origin: China

Protection Rating: IP67

Power Supply: 24 VDC

Field Of View: 5 mm to 200 mm

Weight: Approx. 200 g

Dimensions: W 50 mm x H 50 mm x D 50 mm

Introducing the CLX machine vision image sensor, an advanced AI vision sensor designed for precision and durability. With its robust IP67 protection rating, this sensor is ideal for harsh industrial environments. Powered by a stable 24 VDC power supply, it offers a versatile field of view ranging from 5 mm to 200 mm, accommodating a variety of machine vision tasks. The compact and lightweight design, weighing approximately 200 g, makes it easy to integrate into your existing systems. Dimensions are conveniently sized at W 50 mm x H 50 mm x D 50 mm, ensuring a seamless fit for a multitude of applications.


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