Gigabit Ethernet Machine Vision Sensors 5.0MP 12VDC 3.5W Power Supply

Place of Origin China
Brand Name CLX
Certification CE, FCC, ROHS
Model Number A7500MG20E

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Product Details
Model A7500MG20E Image Sensor 2/3"CMOS
Interface Gigabit Ethernet Power Supply 9-24 VDC
Field Of View 5 Mm To 200 Mm Sensing Method Global Scan
Operating Temperature 0 To 50 Degrees Celsius Depth Of Field 5 Mm To 200 Mm
High Light

Machine Vision Sensors 5.0MP


Machine Vision Sensors 12VDC


Gigabit Ethernet Vision Camera Sensor

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Product Description

Gigabit Ethernet Machine Vision Sensor 5.0MP 12VDC 3.5W Power Supply 0-50.C Operating Temperature

Product Description:

The Machine Vision Sensors are at the forefront of industrial automation, serving as the eyes for a range of applications from quality control to process monitoring. Our latest product in the line of vision sensors is a state-of-the-art computer vision sensor designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern industry. With an impressive frame rate of up to 9,000 frames per second, this sensor is capable of capturing high-speed events with remarkable clarity, making it an essential tool for high-speed production lines and detailed motion analysis.

At the core of this machine vision image sensor is a sophisticated CCD Line Scan sensing method. This technology enables the sensor to capture images with exceptional resolution and accuracy, providing a continuous stream of data that is ideal for inspecting objects on fast-moving conveyor belts or for any application where high-resolution images are paramount. This line scan approach is particularly beneficial for applications that require fine detail recognition such as in electronics manufacturing or textile inspection.

Built to function in diverse industrial environments, the sensor operates seamlessly within a temperature range of 0 to 50 degrees Celsius. This ensures reliable performance in both warm and cool operational settings, providing flexibility and resilience for companies whose operations may be subject to temperature fluctuations. The robust design and high-quality materials used in the construction of the sensor safeguard its components, ensuring long-term reliability and reducing the need for frequent maintenance or replacements.

The field of view of this robot vision sensor is another standout feature. Ranging from 5 mm to 200 mm, it offers tremendous versatility. Whether you need to focus on a small component with intricate details or survey a larger area, this sensor can adapt to the task at hand. This flexibility makes it an excellent choice for a wide variety of applications, including but not limited to, robotics, packaging, and assembly line verification. Manufacturers can now ensure that their products meet quality standards without sacrificing efficiency, all thanks to the expansive field of view provided by this sensor.

Moreover, the weight of the sensor is a mere 200 grams approximately, which makes it incredibly easy to integrate into existing systems without the need for heavy-duty mounting hardware or concerns about overloading robotic arms. Its lightweight nature also means that it can be repositioned with ease, offering further convenience and adaptability in a busy industrial setting. The sensor's compact form factor and lightness contribute to its appeal as a non-intrusive yet powerful component of any machine vision system.

In summary, the Machine Vision Sensors product is a versatile, high-performance computer vision sensor that brings together a high frame rate, precise CCD Line Scan sensing method, operational reliability across a range of temperatures, a broad field of view, and a lightweight design. Its capabilities make it an ideal choice for industry professionals looking for a robust, efficient, and accurate robot vision sensor. Whether it's for quality control, automation, inspection, or any other machine vision application, this image sensor is engineered to enhance productivity and ensure precision in the most demanding of industrial environments.


Technical Parameters:

Sensor IMX264
Image Sensor 2/3"CMOS
Shutter Global
Resolution 2448 × 2048
Frame Rate 24 fps
Bit Depth 12
Mono/Color Mono
Pixel Size 3.45 μm × 3.45 μm
Pixel 5.0 MP
S/N Ratio 38 dB
WDR 60 dB
Image Format Mono8/10/10Packed/Mono12/Mono12Packed;
Binning Support
ROI Support
X Flip Support
Y Flip Support
Gain 1~32
Gamma From 0 to 4, support LUT
Exposure Time 1 μs~1 s
Trigger Mode Software Trigger/Hardware Trigger/Free Run Mode
SPC Support
User Setting Support two sets of user-defined configurations
Image Buffer 256MB
Port GigE, PoE
GPIO Interface 1× 6 pin Hirose: 1× Opto-isolated input, 1× Opto-isolated output, 1 configurable input and output
Lens Mount C-mount
Power Supply PoE/ DC 9V~24V power supply via Hirose interface
Power Consumption 12 V≈3.5 W
Product Dimensions 29 mm × 29 mm × 42 mm (not including lens mount and rear case connector)
Net Weight 88 g
Storage Temperature - 30℃~+80℃
Operating Temperature 0℃~+50℃


The CLX Machine Vision Sensors, originating from the robust industrial lands of China, stand at the forefront of technological innovation in the field of automated visual inspection and guidance. These high-precision sensors are equipped with advanced CCD line scan technology, offering unparalleled clarity with a resolution of 2,048 pixels. This makes them an indispensable tool in scenarios where acute detail recognition is paramount.

With the ability to operate at an astounding frame rate of up to 9,000 frames per second, the CLX sensors are ideal for applications that require high-speed inspection without sacrificing image quality. Such performance is particularly beneficial in manufacturing environments where every millisecond counts. The sensors' rapid capture rate makes them perfect for detecting minute defects on assembly lines or for guiding robots in fast-paced sorting tasks, underscoring their role as a pivotal robot vision sensor.

The versatile field of view, ranging from 5 mm to 200 mm, allows the CLX sensors to be employed in a broad spectrum of industrial scenarios. Whether it's for close-up inspection of small components or for overseeing larger areas, these sensors adapt seamlessly. This adaptability is a boon for industries such as electronics manufacturing, automotive assembly, and pharmaceuticals, where precision is a non-negotiable factor.

Furthermore, the robust protection rating of IP67 ensures that the CLX Machine Vision Sensors are more than capable of withstanding harsh industrial conditions. Dust, water, and other contaminants are effectively barred from compromising the sensor's performance, making it a reliable choice in environments where exposure to the elements is a concern.

Barcode scanning is another area where the CLX sensors excel. The high-resolution CCD camera effortlessly captures even the most complex barcodes at lightning speeds, facilitating efficient inventory management and logistics control. From warehouse operations to checkout lines in retail, these sensors provide a seamless integration into systems requiring quick and accurate barcode reading capabilities.

In summary, the CLX Machine Vision Sensors are a powerful ally in a myriad of applications. Their cutting-edge CCD technology, exceptional frame rates, and expansive field of view, coupled with a sturdy IP67-rated enclosure, make them a top-of-the-line choice for industries seeking to enhance their operations with robot vision sensors, barcode scanning, and detailed CCD camera imaging.