Gigabit Ethernet Machine Vision Sensors With CMOS Camera At 25MP Rated 600 G Weight

Place of Origin China
Brand Name CLX
Certification CE, FCC, ROHS
Model Number AX5B57MT250E

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Product Details
Model AX5B57MT250E Depth Of Field 5 Mm To 200 Mm
Interface Gigabit Ethernet Weight Approx. 600 G
Operating Temperature 0 To 50 Degrees Celsius Frame Rate Up To 9,000 Frames Per Second
Sensing Method CMOS GLOBAL Scan
High Light

Gigabit Ethernet Vision Sensors


CMOS Camera Machine Vision Sensors


25MP Machine Vision Sensors

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Product Description

Speed Gigabit Ethernet Vision Sensors with great imaging filed CMOS CAMERA at 25MP Rated Machine Sensors 600 G Weight

Product Description:

Introducing our state-of-the-art Machine Vision Image Sensor, designed meticulously to cater to the advanced needs of industrial automation and positioning with unparalleled precision and speed. Our cutting-edge sensor technology, encapsulated in a compact and robust form factor of W 50 mm x H 50 mm x D 50 mm, makes it an ideal choice for integration into a variety of systems where space and adaptability are at a premium.

At the heart of this sensor lies its exceptional Depth of Field, ranging from 5 mm to 200 mm, allowing it to maintain focus across a wide span of distances. This feature is pivotal for applications that require both close-up inspection and monitoring of objects situated further away, ensuring crisp, clear imaging throughout the entire range. This flexibility in focus distance is complemented by a similar Field of View, which also spans from 5 mm to 200 mm, providing comprehensive coverage and minimizing the need for additional sensors.

Equipped with a high-speed CCD camera, our Machine Vision Image Sensor captures up to 9,000 frames per second, making it one of the fastest in its class. This rapid frame rate is essential for capturing high-speed events on the production line, allowing for real-time quality control and immediate feedback, which is crucial in high-throughput industrial environments. The sensor's speed does not come at the expense of image quality, as the CCD technology ensures that each frame is captured with the highest fidelity and clarity.

Positioning and precise measurements are integral to machine vision systems, and our sensor excels in these areas too. The combination of a high frame rate with a broad field of view and depth of field enables accurate and quick positioning tasks, even in complex scenarios where objects are moving rapidly or where precise detection of small defects is required. This capability is vital in robotic guidance systems, automated inspection stations, and other sophisticated applications.



● 10GigE interface, provides up to 10Gbps effective bandwidth;

● A patented flatness mediation scheme to eliminate area defocusing;

● Excellent heat dissipation design, precise temperature control and constant temperature maintenance;

● 1GB on-board cache for data transmission or image resend;

● Support Software Trigger/Hardware Trigger/Free Run mode;

● Support user-defined ROI, horizontal mirror and vertical mirror;

● Support ISP functions including Auto Exposure/Auto Gain/Auto BlackLevel/Gamma Correction/LUT etc.;

● Mono cameras support auto contrast adjustment;

● Support for FFC function to provide more uniform picture quality;

● Support fan speed adaptive function for setting the target temperature of the sensor;

● Conform to GigE Vision protocol and GenICam standard;

● Support DC 24V power supply;

● Conform to CE, FCC, KC, RoHS;

Technical Parameters:

Sensor GMAX0505
Image Sensor 1.1" CMOS
Shutter Global
Resolution 5120 × 5120
Frame Rate 41 fps
Bit Depth 12 bit
Mono/Color Mono
Pixel Size 2.5 μm × 2.5 μm
Pixel 25 MP
S/N Ratio 40 dB
WDR 63 dB
Image Format Mono8/10/10Packed/12/12Packed
ROI Support
X Flip Support
Y Flip Support
Gain 1 ~ 32
Gamma 0 ~ 4,support LUT
Exposure Time 35 μs ~ 15 s
Trigger Mode Software Trigger/Hardware Trigger/Free Run Mode
SPC Support
User Setting Support two sets of user-defined configurations
Image Buffer 1 GB
Port 10GigE
GPIO Interface 3x Opto-isolated input, 3x Opto-isolated output, 1x RS232
Lens Mount M58 x 0.75
Power Supply DC 24V power supply via 12-pin Hirose interface
Power Consumption 24 V ≈ 19.4 W
Product Dimensions 72 mm x 72 mm x 79 mm (not including rear case connector)
Net Weight 600 g
Storage Temperature -30℃ ~ 80℃
Operating Temperature -30℃ ~ 50℃


Machine vision sensors have become indispensable in modern manufacturing and automation, and the CLX brand, originating from China, offers some of the most sophisticated AI vision sensors in the market. Specifically designed to be integrated into industrial processes, these sensors are powered by a 24 VDC power supply, ensuring that they can be easily incorporated into existing systems without the need for specialized power solutions.

The CLX AI vision sensors boast a high resolution of 2,048 pixels, allowing them to capture the finest details with remarkable clarity. This makes them ideal for applications where precision is paramount, such as in quality control inspections, where they can detect even the smallest defects that might be invisible to the human eye. The high resolution also benefits advanced applications such as pattern recognition, barcode reading, and complex image analysis.

One of the key application occasions for these sensors is within Industrial PC (IPC) systems. They can be seamlessly integrated with IPCs to enhance automation processes. For example, in an assembly line, the CLX sensor can work in tandem with an IPC to perform real-time inspections, ensuring that every product meets the requisite standards before it progresses further along the production line.

Another scenario in which the CLX robot vision sensor shines is in robotic guidance. In modern manufacturing, robots are tasked with handling, assembling, and sorting components with high efficiency. The CLX sensor equips robots with the vision necessary to navigate their environment, identify objects, and make informed decisions based on visual input. This capability is critical in automotive manufacturing, electronics assembly, and even in food packaging where precise movements are crucial.

The robust design of the CLX sensors, with a protection rating of IP67, ensures that they can operate in harsh industrial environments. They are impervious to dust and water, which means they can withstand the rigors of manufacturing processes that involve exposure to liquids or particulate matter. Moreover, with an operating temperature range of 0 to 50 degrees Celsius, these sensors maintain consistent performance in a variety of temperature conditions.

Considering the compact weight of approximately 200g, the CLX sensors are incredibly versatile and can be mounted on a range of platforms. Whether it's stationary inspection stations or dynamic robotic arms, the lightweight design does not add significant mass, thus maintaining the efficiency of the system it's integrated into.

In summary, CLX AI vision sensors are well-suited for a multitude of industrial applications. From IPC-based quality control to sophisticated robot vision sensor tasks, these sensors provide the reliability, precision, and robustness needed for the demanding world of industrial automation, ensuring consistent operation and contributing to enhanced productivity.



Introducing the CLX Machine Vision Sensors, your premier choice for advanced AI vision sensors. Engineered with precision and quality, each sensor hails from the technological forefronts of China, ensuring a product that is both innovative and reliable.

The compact design of the CLX Machine Vision Sensors, with dimensions of W 50 mm x H 50 mm x D 50 mm, allows for easy integration into a variety of systems. Despite its small size, it boasts a substantial weight of approximately 200 g, indicative of its robust construction.

Equipped with a powerful CCD line scan technology, these sensors provide unparalleled clarity and accuracy, making them perfect for intricate barcode scanning applications. The CCD camera embedded within offers exceptional image quality and is adept at capturing high-speed images with precision.

With a flexible field of view ranging from 5 mm to 200 mm, the CLX Machine Vision Sensors can adapt to a multitude of tasks, maintaining their effectiveness across different operational scales. This versatility is further complemented by a stable 24 VDC power supply, ensuring consistent performance and reliability in all your AI vision applications.


Support and Services:

Our Machine Vision Sensors are designed to provide reliable and high-quality performance for a wide range of vision applications. To ensure you get the most out of your product, we offer comprehensive technical support and services.

Product Installation Assistance: Our team can guide you through the initial setup process to ensure your Machine Vision Sensors are installed correctly and integrated seamlessly with your existing systems. This includes hardware configuration, software installation, and initial calibration.

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Technical Documentation: Access a comprehensive library of technical documentation, including user manuals, product datasheets, and application notes to help you understand and utilize your Machine Vision Sensors effectively.

Training and Education: We offer training programs and educational materials to help your staff become proficient in operating and maintaining the Machine Vision Sensors. These resources are designed to enhance user skills and knowledge.

Maintenance and Repair Services: To maintain the longevity and accuracy of your Machine Vision Sensors, we offer maintenance services. In the event of a hardware issue, our repair services are available to restore your product to its optimal condition.

Customization and Consultation: If you have specific needs or applications, our expert team can provide consultation services to customize the Machine Vision Sensors to better suit your unique requirements.

Our goal is to ensure that your experience with our Machine Vision Sensors is seamless and beneficial. We are committed to providing support and services that help you maximize the potential of your vision technology investment.